We will defy convention in our manufacturing and trading industry.

We will empower the makers, movers and shakers in our industry, and beyond.

We will create an environment that offers what other partners will not, or more importantly, what they cannot.

We will offer what no one else can. Our experience. Our approach. Our innovation.

We will empower creativity and growth in industries.

We are a full service company that offers a platform for businesses needing technical expertise, research and development, and intellectual services for their brands' product development.  We also offer services including and not limited to logistics, finance, business development, distribution, events, engagement, brand and retail development in the markets where we are present. 

There is, further, an accelerator program that supports European and North American Companies wanting to take control of their intellectual and brand development as they enter or re-enter the Asian Markets with us versus their existing partners. Or vice versa, brands in Asia looking to expand overseas with some of our long and key business partners.  

Companies participating in our platform can use our products and services at external facilities at various offices that offer research and development, manufacturing, trading, licensing, retail, to investments services. Businesses and brands can work with our devoted team and dedicated workspace for 3 months initially as an opportunity to develop their products and services in a confidential, creative and brand driven environment. Should businesses wish to stay with us longer, beyond project and engagement, permanent space and setup are available in our greater network.

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